It is the eighteenth year of the reign of Karl Franz I, Protector of the Empire, Defier of the Dark, Emperor Elect and Son of Emperors, Elector Count of Reikland and Prince of Altdorf.

Eighteen years of relative peace under the wise Emperor has brought it’s own dangers. Tales of darkness are dismissed as legend, garrisons grow fat, soldiers lazy and news travels more slowly as all partake in the bounties of years of peaceful harvests. Noble houses once more vie against each other for power, looking inward, developing their own vices and lusts…rumours of far off wars are ignored and only a shunned few keep watch for the darkness that lurks in the neither regions of the world…

Even in these lucid times opportunity for adventure, power and wealth exist, both within and without the Empire of the Old World.

Warhammer: Chaos Rises

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