The Grand Principality of Ostland is bordered to the east by the nation of Kislev, to the north by the Sea of Claws, and to the south and west by the Middle Mountains. Ostland is a realm of damp, creeping mists and shifting shadows, and is covered almost entirely by the dark canopy of the Forest of Shadows. The people of this land have learned to eke out a rugged life among the ancient trees, clearing patches of land for their farms and settlements, and keeping a watchful eye on the dark depths of the forest.

Ostland’s military colors are black and white, and the state symbol is a bull.

Due to the poor living conditions in Ostland, being regularly raideds by, mauraders from the North passes to Kislev and beyond, the people of the land are hardly with a dark sense of humour and a stubborn nature. They are to a man, woman and child devout followers of Sigmar and loyal Imperial citizens. The excesses of the south are rarely seen in Ostland and despite their relative poverty they are truly guardians of the Empire’s northern passes.

Famed for elite units of armoured spearmen and expert woodsmen axemen they compare well to other footsoldiers in the Empire, and have a history of standing to the last man.

The current Elector Count of Ostland is Valmir von Raukov. He is a hardened and courageous warlord who continually hunts the enemies of The Empire. The eighth son of Valmir von Raukov is Boris von Raukov, who, seeking glory and distinction in the military on his own merit, left Ostland and is currently a Captain of Nuln halberdiers far to the south.

A notable unit of the Count’s personal army are the Fireloques of Ferlangen are a regiment of chosen Handgunners. They earned the nick-name “The Skull Clubbers” during the Battle of Littered Bones which went on for three days. Once they had run out of ammunition, the regiment fought on for the last day using their handguns as clubs against the Marauder hordes, earning them a reputation for stubbornness even amongst their own countrymen.

Many Ostlanders share in part a cultural link to Kislev and some Ostlander names and regional accents are often confused (at the commentators peril!) with Kislev names and accents.


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