Nordland Province


Living under the threat of Norscans all the time, it does something to the Nordlanders. They’re half-Norscan themselves...” – Klaus Von Rothstein, Opinionated merchant.

The Coast of Nordland is desolate place, where a hard people eeke out a living from the sea. The whole coast is frequently blanketed by thich fogs and lashed by storms in fall and winter. This has made the Nordland coast a tough home for the Imperial Fleet, but since Marienburg seceded from the Empire the Ocean fleet has had no choice but to base itself here. The Fleet’s primary anchorage is the growing Town of Dietershafen, which uses the provinces ample timber in a burgeoning shipbulding program.

Currently ruled by Elector Count Theodric Gausser.

Recent History:

  • 2502 IC: The newly appointed Emperor Karl Franz leads an army to Nordland to reinforce the counts own army. Aided by celestial wizards and heavy artillery, they take a heavy toll on an army of Norse raiders.
    2502 IC: Few months after the Emperor returned to Altdorf with most of his army, to the Nordland counts chagrin, the Nordlanders are still fighting to remove remnants of the Norsemen. At a battle near the town of Hargendorf, only the charge of a unit of Reiksguard knights keeps the army from being destroyed. The count, having lost many men and with his own son badly wounded, is forced to retreat.

Regional Saints and Heroes: The semi-mythical Fraewulf is held as a great hero by those who know of him, mostly Druids and others who follow the Old Faith. He was the chief of the Semunduri tribe and was the first to pledge allegiance to Sigmar. There are legends that Fraewulf was as big as a giant and had the strength of one-hundred men. However, the real hero of Nordland is Count Einrich Moltke, who was the Elector Count of Nordland some one-thousand two-hundred years ago. He rallied the troops of Nordland at Beeckerhoven against the hordes of Undead that Dieter Helsnicht had brought to bear on them in his forty-year campaign of war against the Empire. The Count bravely stood up against the Necromancer and ran him through with his Runefang. Einrich’s statue now stands in the town square of Salzenmund.

Nordland Province

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