Marienburg was once part of the Empire, but gained independence though a massive transfer of gold into the imperial coffers during the reign of the corrupt Emperor Dieter IV. Any subsequent attempts to subdue Marienburg and bring it back within rule of the Empire have failed, and today Marienburg remains a fiercely independent city-state where the Count of Nordland Province, nominally the ruler of Marienburg, is forbidden to return under pain of death.

Marienburg has long been the largest and most prosperous trading city in the Old World. Many call it the City of Gold which alone conveys a good idea of the wealth of this sprawling cosmopolitan city. Nowhere else can be found the vast array of shops selling goods from as far away as the Elven kingdoms of Ulthuan in the west and distant Cathay in the east. The city’s craftsmen represent every skill known to man, and a few others beside, so that it is said in Marienburg there is no activity that cannot be quickly turned to profit.

Marienburg relies mainly on the sea and river for trade, and accordingly its patron god is the god of the sea, Manann. One of the largest temples to Manann, in the form of a huge aquarium is located in the city.

The temple, or Great Cathedral, is highly influential in the city’s politics and trade, offers priest-navigators to ships, and oversees much of the city’s nautically-related guilds and unions. The Arch-Priest of the temple is a ranking, permanent member of the Executive Council of the Stadsraad.



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