Warhammer: Chaos Rises

Chapter 2: Birkasholm Brawl

After finding a mysterious man named Schmitt on the southern beach of Ulfsland who was welcomed in Erstwich by Jarl Bjorg after a display of magic the band were sent to Birkasholm to investigate reports of Hafdan’s men landing.

Mulling around town for a while they went to the hall of chieftain Ragnar where Heinri made an impassioned speech to convince Ragnar not to side with Hafdan and his men…in front of Jarl Hafdan himself.

After a tense stand off a vicious fight broke out. It quickly became clear Hafdan’s men were not all normal – some displayed the ‘gift’ of mutation. Fortunately Hanna Schneider managed to get a knife to Hafdan’s throat and called for them all to back down and leave.

An angered Hafdan was allowed to live and sent off with his men, swearing oaths of vengeance.

Once back in Erstwich they reported their victory to Jarl Bjorg which expressed concern that Hafdan will be back and that he would probably bring his Witch daughter whose magic was dark and powerful.

After some discussion the band decided that the best course of action would be to try and reach the mainland and gain support for Jarl Bjorg by approaching the Skaeling Jarls and Chiefs and convincing them to rally against Hafdan.

Chapter 1: Beyond The Sea

Carried off over the Sea of Claws by Norscan raiders the adventurers had to use all the gifts the Gods have given them to find their way home…

Deciding to help Jarl Bjorg recover his sons who have been taken hostage by Jarl Hafdan to ensure his cooperation in raiding the south the adventurers crept off with Yrisa to recover them on the Norscan mainland.

Judicious use of a cross bow and some Dwarven bravery saw them bring the boys back safely to Ulfsland. With his sons back Jarl Bjorg will have regained the respect of his men and will be able to better resist the guaranteed retaliation by Jarl Hafdan that will come before the winter snows…


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