Warhammer: Chaos Rises

Chapter 6: The Die is Cast...

The party were bolstering defenses at Aarvik after winning over the townsfolk to the banner of Jarl Bjorg when Jarl Ragnar’s longship arrived carrying Ragnar himself. Ragnar informed them of an army massing in the Unangiven Ruins to the east of Birka.

Heading back to Ulfsland the adventurers met with Jarl Bjorg and the headsfolk of the area. It was decided that despite fortifications being prepared on Ulfsland that the best form of defence was attack they prepared 8 longships with about 40 men on each and headed for the Unangiven Ruins.

In a daring night raid they strafed the shores where the main army was camped with fire arrows causing confusion and mayhem. Seeing the initiative was there’s the Ulfslanders landed and formed a beach head. Despite organised resistance the combination of surprise, team work and a certain magic user they were able to completely rout the beach camped forces. The survivors clambered up the hill where the Haslings formed a shield wall and waited.

Not wanting to risk a frontal assualt up the hill the party convinced Ragnar to head back to the ships and feign sailing away. In fact they sailed up the coast a few miles out of view and then the adventurers made landfall. Magnus Schmitt in bird-form scouted ahead and was able to accurately mark the Hasling sentries so the party was able to methodically sneak up on them and take them out – creating a path for Ragnar’s forces to follow up behind and ultimately surprise attack the hill fort ruins from the flank.

Despite the surprise attack it became clear the Hasling forces were ‘blessed’ and better organised. This however crumbled when Magnus’s magic frenzied them into wild attacks. Combined with Bob Smith moving around the wicker and wooden wall they had erected and setting fires the Haslings were confused, enraged and threw themselves against the Ulfslander’s shield wall.

Lauga (deceased) from a position on top a ruined wall was able wreck havoc with magic fire on the Ulfslander’s shield wall as well as reanimating the dead behind their lines (but this was stopped by Hanna Schneider, whose shieldmaiden training was clearly paying off). Sensing a turn in the turn due to Lauga’s magic, Magnus turned to dove form, flew above her and using all his magic powers (and fate points!) turned into a wolf, glowing unnaturally from the side effects of magic and swept down upon Lauga and her two guards. Lauga herself died in terrified disbelief and her arteries were severed by the beast formed Magnus.

Bob, after setting fires all around the wall stealed back into the ruins with it in mind to rush the Haslings from behind and drive through to his own allies shield wall. However he was spotted by a mounted and enraged Jarl Hafdan (deceased) who gave chase but was confounded by the smaller Bob’s dodging in and out of ruined walls and buildings. Finally out in the open he seemed ready to run down the Dwarf when he was hit by Hanna’s arrows. Magnus then jumped off the wall and attacked Hafdan’s horse, which threw him off and ran away in fear of the wolf.

Despite Hafdan’s best efforts to get to his feet and fight, the combination of arrows, axe and glowingwolf maw was too much for Hafdan and his dark gods abandoned him…the Hasling Lord was dead!

With the loss of their Jarl, his witch-daughter and most of their forces the remaining Haslings and other beastial allies routed. A spectacular victory won, with less than a third of the forces taking down an army that would have surely razed a defiant Ulfsland to the ground.

Chapter 5: Springtime
Chapter 6:

The winter months were spent feasting, forging closer ties with the Ulfslanders, wolf hunting by magical means, fortifying defences and deflecting rumours that certain shieldmaiden was with child…

Within days of the ice thaw of first spring Bob Smith, Hanna Schneider, & Magnus Schmitt headed to Aarvik with four Norse companions.

Aarvik turns out to a be sorry place, led by an aging Jarl Sven who has seen too many winters. A younger warrior with braided hair seems to be running things in his stead – and while he has the passion of youth he also has the impatience.

Learning quickly that Aarvik is preparing for Jarl Hafdan as liberators due to incessant goblin attacks on their lands the braided warrior laughs at the adventurers offers to help in exchange for pledging to Jarl Bjorg’s cause, telling them Hafdane’s daughter is a witch with powerful magic and boasts that if they can bring 10 goblin heads he will join their cause whilst mocking with laughter. He is silenced when Magnus Schmitt turns into a dove and flies off to scout the mines in the hills that the goblins operate from.
Bob Smith led the planning to lure the Goblins out of the mine into the forest by setting up what appeared to be a poorly defended camp of travellers. Naturally the curious green skins, lured by the smells of cooking food investigated and attacked only to find the band ready for them. A vicious melee resulted before the Goblins were decimated and routed.

The following morning the party walked into Aarvik and laid 12 stinking Goblin heads at the feet of Jarl Sven and the braided warrior…

Chapter 4:

Wisely fleeing the wolf-like beastmen our intrepid adventurers reached their ship with only one crewman lost to the beast. Casting off the were met by a much larger longship coming up the fjord towards them. At the prow stood a giant of a man with strange mask.

A desperate fray ensured as they rowed past the longship whilst simultaneously preventing a boarding action from what were clearly Hasling warriors – dread Northmen from the Chaos Wastes.

Triumphantly they escaped and were not pursued. After making it to the open ocean they agreed to make for Karlsholm…a course of action that ended in sadness for it had been sacked and burned – most likely by the Haslings – probably for turning to kinder gods.

Searching the forests north of Karlsholm after finding tracks they cam across woodsman Skalds and five children survivors. Deciding the best place for them would be Ulfsland they made their way back to the ship, intercepting a minotaur scot which then thankfully dispatched.

To their dismay Hasling ships were docking at Karlsholm’s intact docks and their own ship had headed up the coast. Making their way there they had to use their wits to build a small raft to get out to the ship without falling into the freezing seas.

Despite straying off course they made their way to warm hearths in Ulfsland and decided to settle in for the winter and plan their spring actions…

Chapter 3

With Ulfsland secure (at least temporarily) the next question is where to go next in order to bring more Chieftains and Jarls to Jarl Bjorg’s cause against the Hasling Jarl Hafdan…

Deciding to head for Skorlm on the mainland, the domain of Jarl Torstein of Skorlm the set sail with five reliable warriors.


Arriving at the fjords in the late afternoon despite increasingly rough seas they settled into a row towards the docks leading to Skorlm itself. More peaceful waters in the fjords were offset by occasional glimpses of pairs of eyes looking at the boat from the cover of thick forest.

Welcomed as friends at the docks they were taken to Skorlm and were surprised at the developments there – solid stone foundations on the town walls with heavy timber construction and cleared farmland around the town for half a mile in every direction.

Jarl Torstein was welcoming but it became clear that his ‘queen’ Lady Aslaug was not a willing bride. Later that evening she arranged for a messenger boy to warn them that they should go while they still could. Decideding to take her advice (as much trusting her as spying the increasing numbers of townsfolk with obvious beast-like mutations and increasingly frequent howling in the forests) they snuck to the gates before being surprised from behind by a goat headed creature of chaos…


Swiftly attacking the baying beast they were flanked by alerted guards – their three warriors formed a stout shield wall to hold them off while the adventurers killed the beastman and flanked the guards, dispatching them swiftly.

Running out of town towards the docks they were slowed by the lack of light but managed to get back to the storage area by the docks before being surprised by Yrisa stepping up from the docks armed and ready…just as they noticed a dozen heavy set wolf-men-like creatures approaching from either flank…

Chapter 2: Birkasholm Brawl

After finding a mysterious man named Schmitt on the southern beach of Ulfsland who was welcomed in Erstwich by Jarl Bjorg after a display of magic the band were sent to Birkasholm to investigate reports of Hafdan’s men landing.

Mulling around town for a while they went to the hall of chieftain Ragnar where Heinri made an impassioned speech to convince Ragnar not to side with Hafdan and his men…in front of Jarl Hafdan himself.

After a tense stand off a vicious fight broke out. It quickly became clear Hafdan’s men were not all normal – some displayed the ‘gift’ of mutation. Fortunately Hanna Schneider managed to get a knife to Hafdan’s throat and called for them all to back down and leave.

An angered Hafdan was allowed to live and sent off with his men, swearing oaths of vengeance.

Once back in Erstwich they reported their victory to Jarl Bjorg which expressed concern that Hafdan will be back and that he would probably bring his Witch daughter whose magic was dark and powerful.

After some discussion the band decided that the best course of action would be to try and reach the mainland and gain support for Jarl Bjorg by approaching the Skaeling Jarls and Chiefs and convincing them to rally against Hafdan.

Chapter 1: Beyond The Sea

Carried off over the Sea of Claws by Norscan raiders the adventurers had to use all the gifts the Gods have given them to find their way home…

Deciding to help Jarl Bjorg recover his sons who have been taken hostage by Jarl Hafdan to ensure his cooperation in raiding the south the adventurers crept off with Yrisa to recover them on the Norscan mainland.

Judicious use of a cross bow and some Dwarven bravery saw them bring the boys back safely to Ulfsland. With his sons back Jarl Bjorg will have regained the respect of his men and will be able to better resist the guaranteed retaliation by Jarl Hafdan that will come before the winter snows…


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