Uliana of Lorelorn


Like most Elves she speaks the tongues of men deliberately and with a sense of forced grace. She does not gesticulate wildly like many Elves and knows well the manners of men, particularly the men of the Empire. Her voice is light but clear and her eyes show a worldly wisdom that does not fit her looks – for despite the features of a comely lady in her mid twenties she is probably closer to sixty years old.

Despite decades of living in the wilds with her kin and seeing many battles she has an eye for fine clothes, make up and perfumes if given the appropriate chance.


As a youngling she was sent as a Envoy to the Empire to represent the interests of her people at the Court of Elector Count Theodoric Gausser. After several years among men she returned to her people and took up a role in her clan’s Kithband, a role she excellent and fulfilled for over a decade until her clan vows were fulfilled.

Remembering her time away as a youngling she yearned to see the world again despite a deep love of her people. Fates smiled on her as her father’s interests in the Empire again grew to the point where a representative was needed. The world of men needs to be warned of the coming storm…and who better than one who has lived among their leaders to return and warn them that Laurelorn has seen a terrible vision men must heed or suffer.

Uliana of Lorelorn

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