Warhammer: Chaos Rises

Chapter 9: The Oldenlitz Connection

Whilst investigating a missing diplomatic caravan near the mining town of Oldenlitz the party discover a band of ruthless mercenaries led by Cassandra, Tyutchev and Thaum, hunting one of the survivors of the Caravan…an Elf woman badly injured, who they claimed was a witch.

Wanting to help they bring her to edge of Laurelorn Forest so her kin can care for her. There they find evidence of a brutal slaughter against both men and elf by the mercenaries they managed to avoid thus far (with the aid of some talking birds)

Waking, the Elf woman reveals she is an envoy called Uliana, knowing it is just a matter of time before the mercenaries arrive to finish the job the party prepared for the worst.

Sure enough the attack came and a brutally swift melee saw Cassandra, Tyutchev and Thaum mortally wounded (a mage who turned into a bear helped somewhat) and their followers dispursed.

Thanking them for their aid Uliana headed into the forest to warn her kin – the party left knowing that there is something foul afoot in the court of the Elector Count that could have a destabilising effect on the rest of the empire and beyond…



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