Warhammer: Chaos Rises

Chapter 8: Stopover in Salzenmund

WIth Magnus Schmitt off finding his official magic guild representative to pay his fees and properly register; Hanna Schneider & Leichbrecht Crowson spent a few days shopping, ordering new gear and speaking with Gurtrude about current events.

Whilst out in the city of Salzenmund they were able to catch some of the local gossip which included:

  • Wood imports from Kislev have risen over the last two years, likely as despite being Lord of Laurelorn Forest no sane human would start serious tree felling so close to the realm of the woodland elves.
  • The Elector Count has a new but unknown mistress, and as a result of this his housebound wife has been rumoured to have turned to older and darker gods. On top of this the Count himself seems to be backing her.

Upon their return Gurtrude informed them than a Diplomatic envoy working on behalf of the Laurelorn Elves left Salzenmund three days ago after speaking to the count and his wife. The Envoy caravan seems to have vanished without a trace shortly after leaving Oldenlitz.

The adventurers decide to go and investigate this as they are keen to find out from people with access to the Count what exactly is going on, hoping that if a fell plot is at hand they can gather enough evidence to present it to the Cults of Sigmar and Ulrich so that action may be taken.

They spent the last night wining and dining their men before what could be a short but likely hard journey ahead…



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