Warhammer: Chaos Rises

Chapter 7: A Blast From The Past

The forces led by Ragnar, Bob, Hanna & Magnus return victoriously to Ulfsland to celebrate their decisive defeat over the forces of Jarl Hafdan.

News travels fast in Norsca and other Jarls and interested parties will be planning their visit to Ulfsland to meet this formerly minor Jarl and his Reiklander Huscarls who have led his forces to victory…

A trade ship from Finnsholm arrives a few weeks later carrying leichbrecht Crowson – who has been tasked with bringing Magnus Schmitt to Salzenmund in secret to meet with Gurtrude, a priestess of Shallya.

Deciding to leave, the adventurers are given a smaller ship and five Norsemen to see them return to Nordland safely. They are followed and whilst staying at Neues Emskrank they manage to disable and imprison (in an empty herring barrel!) a shady character they caught disabling their mask. Having no means to sail they set off the next day up the river Salz, rowing against the thankfully peaceful flow of the river.

Ultimately they arrived at the small chapel compound dedicated to Shallya just outside the city of Salzenmund and were promptly hidden in an unused barn by one of the priests until Gurtrude arrived.

It seems the idleness that comes with peace has turned into potentially damaging events. Gurtrude upon her return explained how the Elector Count has been acting erratically, rumours he is dedicating chapels in his castle to older gods without names abound. He locks himself in his tower for days on end and sees few people.

Whilst speculating what could be the cause of this one of the initiates arrives to inform them Elector Count Theodoric Gausser has annouced his intentions to raise an army and march on the Free City of Marienburg to retake it and bring the Wasteland back under Nordland’s control…



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