Warhammer: Chaos Rises

Chapter 15: Signs

Hasling raids devastate the Imperial signal towers along the coast, preventing word from reaching the major garrisons and settlements. Hargendorf repels an attack at no small cost just as the party returns. Deciding it’s time to take sides (and get regular lodgings and money) they swear an oath to serve Werner Von Gausser in his capacity as commander of the Hagendorf Free Company.

After helping secure the nearest signal tower and spending a tiring night escorting critical parts needed to get the signal system working again they learn that the capital of Nordland, Salzenmund is under siege by a Greenskin army whilst the Haslings continue to raid. If Saleznmund fails there is nothing between the combined Greenskin and Hasling forces and the Imperial heartlands except the city of Middenheim.

With the Elector Count Theodoric Von Gausser and most of Nordland’s forces in the Wasteland laying siege to Marienburg, and a series of damaged towers in the south there is no quick means to warn the Imperial heartlands and call for the aid of the mighty armies of the Emperor and the other Elector Counts.

Word of large numbers of greenskins moving through the forest of shadows reaches them, and the adventurers convince their Lord to head south into Laurelorn forest to warn the Wood Elves and seek their aid in the absence of any great forces in Nordland at this time. Heading south by boat they hope to cut right into the heart of Laurelorn and mention the name of the elf maiden Uliana as she aided them before.

After coming across evidence of a large force of Orcs marching towards Hargendorf they stumble over goblin scouts in large number and try to engage them as they cross from the east banks of the river Demst but they begin to be overwhelmed as they try to escape by boat just as a force of elves appear on the West bank and unleash a frightening volley of arrows which scatters the goblins back into the forest….



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