Warhammer: Chaos Rises

Chapter 13: Descent Into Mystery

Beloche Meergeboren returned in the morning with tales of an ancient fortress next to a lake deep in the Forest of Shadows, of unnaturally fast and quiet figures in black robes and of strange smells and music emanating from the fortress.

Deciding the Count needed to be advised his paramour was involved in black arts, or at least members of his court the party went to the Temple of Sigmar as a credible witness would be needed to provide testimony to those in authority who could listen. Sigmar seemed to smile upon them as Karl Sydow, the Abbot of Sigmar’s temple in Salzenmund agreed to help them by sending a familiar face to join them in exploring the forest – Griselda, Priestess of Sigmar!

Exploring the forest they came upon the ruined fort, it’s walls still intact they had to climb to get inside and open the gates…signs someone was indeed using it. The upper floors of the main keep were a ruined den of decay, filth and drugged prisoners and an extremely offbeat young, filthy overseer.

Below, a nightmare descent down into the earth for many hundreds of feet. A large chamber giving off a seductive purple light, with slow thumping music dancing in the incensed air. Below this, an ornate pit with a small water fall flanked by dozens of men and women in various states of ecstasy.

Behind the waterfall was a lavish chamber. Finding many jewels and items of interest they were interrupted by the presence of a woman of incredible but unearthly beauty. Failing to negotiate they tried to gain the upper hand but fell under her spell. The spell was broken when Griselda, who was guarding the entrance to the waterfall arrived and charged the attack, breaking her spell. The creature’s visage changed to a nightmare that held several of the party in shock. Her large, crab like claw dropped Griselda with one blow to the head but the party prevailed after a short, but brutal fight that saw the creature vanish in agony rather than die.

With Griselda seriously injured and some of the party needing a physician things turned from bad to worse as 11 more of these ‘women’, robed in dark purple with a curious symbol etched into the cloth filled the edges of the room, effectively surrounding them.



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