Warhammer: Chaos Rises

Chapter 12: The Plot Thickens

The ‘crow’ necromancer melted back the way he came and shortly after the sounds of shuffling, pained footsteeps came down the tunnel. Quickly trying to bar the way into the chamber with a heavy, empty bookshelf the party realised the walking dead were coming for them….

Despite their efforts to funnel the rotting zombies in a few at a time the case fell and a disorderly slow rush pushed through – this worked to their advantage as the dead at the front fell causing a slow drive and they were easier to deal with. Despite this the party fought hard to secure the area and ended up drawing many into a fire they set.

Going outside the barrow they saw the necromancer and were, with some effort and a brilliant shot able to dispatch him, recovering the book also looting his cloak.

The long journey back to Salzenmund was uneventful and they reported first to Gertrude, who suggesting setting a meeting with Beatke.

To divert possible attention they made contact with the Thieves Guild, including their leader, the mysterious Kirstin, hid party members in safe houses and generally caused a fair amount of confusion to try and confuse any who might be watching.

Eventually they exchanged the book for information from Beatke, who told them the Count’s paramour was Brunhilde Ulke Von Schönhausen. She also informed them Lady was seen to leave the city for an unknown destination to the south every full moon. With a few days to go the party arranged for a reliable scout with the Thieves guild to tail her carriage, with Beloche Meergeboren going along with the scout they set off into the night…



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