Warhammer: Chaos Rises

Chapter 11: Darkness Unbound

Exploring the still smouldering ruins of the Shrine Library the party find all are dead. A patrolling priestess of Sigmar passes and leaves after they explain they are not the people responsible for the sacking of the Shrine Library.

Finding many rough tracks leading away cross country towards Lowitz the party heads there to find a well fortified settlement. The tracks seem to bypass it and head off to the forboding hills to the south.

Taking time to rest and resupply in Lowitz, they encountered unfriendly administrators and a mysterious ‘cartographer’ named Anna Brozek, who was injured from a trip to the hills where the many footsteps led. She told them not to go.

So the next day they headed off to the hills, which seemed to be a long and ever more complex system of hill-barrows. The place reeked of old death, and the trail of many footsteps continued deeper within the hills.


Spending a cold and miserable night on a hill, they witnessed a mysterious crow flying low at night heading north. In the morning they continued to follow the trail of many footsteps and came to a large, central barrow. Proceeding inside they quickly discovered why Brozek warned them away….for the dead walked as the living.

Dispatching many of these fell creatures they explored the barrows rooms and discovered signs of habitation. Coming across a central room with an altar they were surprised to discover the master of the unholy place had returned. A black-clad, faceless figure covered in a cloak of crow feathers stood between them and the only way out….



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