Warhammer: Chaos Rises

Chapter 10: A year later

Beloche Meergeboren, survivor of a massacre of Jarl Bjorg’s chosen band of bear skins or ‘berserkers’ was sent south to Salzenmund to warn Hanna Schneider of increased war bands of Haslings and other far north tribes from the Northern Wastes.

Meanwhile Hannah, with a new companion Emmrich Schelman headed back to the Temple of Shallya outside Salzenmund after months of adventuring around Middenheim and the foothills of the Middle Mountains in Hochland.

While this was going on, as if by fate a Dwarven runebear; Aura Grimfire on an errand of aid and information from the mighty Dwarven stronghold of Karak Kadrin arrived on the same day as the others. Priestess Gurtrude, sensing a converging of powers and fate invited them to further aid the cause of Light. Knowing the pacifist stance of Shallya prevents her from direct action she has tasked the companions to approach Beatke Priestess of Verena at the Temple University in Salzenmund in order to form an alliance.

Beatke however proved comfortable and unwilling to directly go against the Elector Count, despite having a small army of scribe-monks who take care of almost all the records and dealings of the Von Gausser family. However, after some persuasion she agreed on the condition that the companions recover a tome which will act as insurance should the Count or his family discover her actions and move against her.

The tome, called ‘The Celebrated Ambitions of the Gaussers of Nordland’ is a book supposedly written in duplicate by a celebrated monk of Verena. This book has an official copy kept by the scribes of Verena in the University of Salzenmund, but the duplicate, a larger work, contains what is rumoured to be a true history of the Von Gaussers, and is rumoured to be kept current. Clearly the existence of such a book that may contain damaging secrets of the rulers of Nordland is going to be valuable as leverage. The fact Beatke wants this tome suggest she suspects or even knows something is amiss in the high halls of the Elector Count’s castle.

After some serious fast talking (to enter) and research in the University Library Emmrich Schelman was able to find out the last location of the supposedly lost book was at a Shrine Library in the province of Ostland between the towns of Rossin and Birkewiese.

After several weeks of travel they arrived in the mist shrouded forests of Ostland and found their way to the Shrine Library and what appeared to be the aftermath of a brutal attack, leaving the monks dead or dying. Schelman immediately tried to save the lives of those he could as the others looked around the scene of carnage and destruction…



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